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My Favourite Beatle happens to be George, but that isn’t relevant.

Why then am i not calling him George Harrison, well i don’t know.

(you may need to refresh the view) IF we go into his account properties you can see he now has an email address for both uk and but that is his default address.

If we want to move an existing user to a new department, just edit their AD account to change their Department, and then reapply the policy.

We will have a look at existing users in a moment, but first let’s add a new user to the system.

Since i am listening to The Beatles at the moment, i am going to call this guy John Lennon.

My customer is expanding his business, and is going to add a specialist arm of his company in a particular field.

As such he has setup a new website for that particular department and wants some of his staff to have a new email address based on whether they work for that part of the company.

You can then click Preview, and the policy will show you which users or recipient types it will affect. You will then see all the domains we have setup on our system. Lets switch back to our Recipient area, and check the email addresses our users now have. We get those same options as before, click on Next, and Apply.You can see that the email address is added as an additional address.And that is how to add an additional domain name and have it apply to only certain users.If we now switch to recipient configuration, and the mailbox section, we can see our current mailbox users.If we go to the properties of one of these accounts, we can see the current email addresses associated with that account.

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Expand Yourdomain.local and keep expanding down until you find My Business\Users\SBSUsers Find John’s account, and go to the properties. We need to enter a name, and also select the container where this policy should be applied, and also the type. Here we choose how the new email address should look, i like to use first initial and surname, so i will select that.

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