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Living on a student budget can be tricky, particularly for teenagers who have never lived away from home.

This means many will end up spending all of their first loan instalment long before Christmas, leaving them little to live off until their next payment hits.

Teaching them a few recipes before they head off will help keep both them, and their budgets slightly healthier. Rustling up a big meal is less work all-round and saves cash.

Plus you get a bit of variety by eating other people's specialities.

It will also encourage them to speak about money openly with you during their studies and leave the door open for them to come to you in an emergency without feeling embarrassed.

Make sure to factor in money for enjoying themselves - nights out, joining societies and social activities.

Lauren Gilbert,20, from Northamptonshire is about to start her second year at Leeds Beckett University, studying events management.

Getting a handle on finances early is key to helping prevent financial issues spiralling out of control.

Making meals in bulk and then freezing them also helps last-minute pizza takeaway temptation when the fridge is empty.

If you are giving them an allowance and you want to make sure they always have money left for food, you could consider a supermarket card.

You can currently get up to £3,000 interest-free with some banks - we have rounded up the best student bank accounts here.

University will be the first time many teenagers will take control of their own finances, and three in four wish they had had a better financial education to help guide them.

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