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2 x plywood sheet = 4.88m so you have a good overlap at the joint between lifts (in fact a bit too much, but 3 lifts is a bit high per lift)Then at the top of each lift you can cast in something to support the formwork above.Perhaps just cast in some horizontal 25mm diameter pipes.Have you considered round columns using fabric forming... Also, not a criticism, but an observation, you refer to cold joints.

Anyway the steel rafters aren't fire rated apparantly. The interesting part would be the joint at the base. I ve tought about the precast column but considering the transport expenses it is expensive.Dik civilperson, I have spent most of my life working overseas in countries at various stages of economic development.Just believe me casting so slow is a bad idea and cold joints are the likely result.If you take labour costs out of the equation concrete will be cheaper than steel.I doubt you have to fire rate steel columns in a warehouse, if no occupants above.

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Hello,we are constructing a warehouse with cocncrete columns and metal structure roof.