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I gel case would prevent that from happening and also absorb some shock that can cause damage from a fall.The P300 was made for the HD2 It goes all the way to the edge of the screen. Manufact­urer=HTC&Item=HTCHD2SPP300Screen Protector(2P­cs)&Product=78B33B51-E9FE-478C-97F1-792FD409­4EE7&Category=31459CCD-3D8B-4520-B0CE-03F389­32C96B the link to the video I gave showing a screen protector being put on a iphone is how I decided to put the P300 on, but I used diluted dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle, my ID card and paper towels and it did the trick.(Not so easy to change a screen.) Also remember this phone has a metal battery cover but the finish on it is just a coating.Which can be scratched if it comes into contact with a sharp object.With out it Glass will get very fine scratch that you will see if you watch it from the right angle not head on.

Do your multi-selections, cut, copy, paste from the browser on your PC. So every time you saved something it went the internal memory.

Got my home screen looking sweet now and lots of cool apps so ill hang on for a little longer.

One other thing u might be able to help me with: I've created some folders within the Start Menu for the apps/programs I have installed so it is less messy when navigating thru. eg the folder for Games is preinstalled with a controller as the icon - is there a way to do this for user created folders?

Note: email attachments are kept on internal memory unless you change it in the email settings.

Voice clips and files sent/received in messenger are kept in internal memory till you move it over to the memory card or delete them (the same goes for mms.) 1.

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An entry set in outlook on the PC for 4pm Monday will show up on the phone calendar as 9pm Monday. Im running O2 factory ROm ( To add an appointment I enneterd calendar from the slide bar and then in month view navigated to tomorrows date.

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