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A TV with satellite English news and movies, DVD, stereo and internet access All apartments have a modern western kitchens incl.

Lu has been bestowed a soul that comes once every 1000 years. She is shameless and has a sharp tongue that Oubu is on par with. Hailing from one of the powerful fighting kingdoms Kumotai in Kyuushu, Kaiunho is the second in line to the throne.The studios sleep up to 2, the two bedroom apartments sleeps up to 4, the three bedroom apartment sleeps 6.Western designer interiors and furniture allows guests to relax and entertain in comfort.He heads towards his hometown...1st Season Bio: This new anime is an adaptation of the Chinese online manhua (manga) series (There was a Spiritual Sword Mountain) Set in the year 6233 of the Nine Provinces calendar, the world is ravaged when a comet falls bringing destruction to the earth.The Reiken clan holds an open tournament to look for new disciples to train.

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The 4th floor penthouse studio boasts incredible views up the ski mountain through expansive windows, with a smaller floor print, including lounge area, compact kitchen separated by glass wall and bathroom with shower.