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Attached is the photo of the stamps in questions, if you have any idea of the value or where to find the value we would greatly appreciate the input. Specifically, I am looking for: 1945 U-Boot-Feldpost Hela Kreta and Aegaische Inseln Luftfeld post--various islands Packenmarken from various Aegaische islands Agramer Druck from these islands Rhodes Weihnachtsmarke 1944 Kurland luftpost 1945 Mahrisch-Ostrau Sudentenland Laibach 1944 2L Please let me know if you have any of these stamps. E-Mail E-Mail Good day I would like to know which American President had 1000 000 stamps in his collection? Kind Regards, Agnes Mngomezulu E-Mail I would like to know if two (2) 1906 postage stamps, a 1906 business card and other items from that era are of any value.

Thank you in advance for helping my Opa and I Kimberley Harbour E-Mail I have a complete, mint set of Sonderbriefmarken der Deutschen Reichspost fur die Xl Olympischen Spiel 1936 in Berlin. Thank you, Henry Lerner Newton, Massachusetts E-Mail Hi...l have a lot of Greece stamps that may be valuable. E-Mail Hi my name is rusty friesen I have four stamps that are in very good shape they are the 4 cent stamps of abe Lincoln can u tell me if they are worth any thing.

My Opa has many stamps from WW1 & [email protected] as he lived in his hometown in Austria at the time. I want to sell my philatelic materials, best regards, Hossein, E-Mail Hi wants to send you some of my grandfather's Collection such that you may give us worthy or more info about the story behind these stamps ..

However, my Opa and I have had quite the difficulty finding the value of these stamps, there is no current catalogue that shows an updated price. Regards William E-Mail Sirs: I need a few rare German WWII stamps to complete my mint collection. It is from several countries but it's not a problem for you or?

Unlike the other grades which are only available with an automatic transmission, the Toyota Vios J grade has the option for a manual transmission gear.

All ten stamps are cancelled in the lower left with a clear date of 28.7.36-15. I want to sell Andre Jochimsen E-Mail I am a collector of Cancer stamps from all over the world and recently purchased a stamp from Aland issued in 2013 with a 1,00 0,20 Euro value showing a mask and a blue ribbon. thank you E-Mail I have rare stamps of many countrys and I would like to sell it for the highest price ,this stamps of U. A are just example I am waitting for your opinion Thanks E-Mail Hello: I am in possession of an deed dated 1865 it has 4 Washington stamps.

When I purchased the stamp I understood it was issued for prostate cancer. A .00 (inter revenue probate will ) $ 2.00 ( Conveyance inter revenue ) $ 1.00 ( US Inter revenue Probate Will ) and .50 (US Inter revenue Life Insurance ) Can you tell me anything about them? Thanks Jack Ollom E-Mail I HAVE NUMBEROUS STAMPS OF PRESIDENTS , SUCH AS 4CENT STAMP OF JAMES MADISON PURPLISH IN COLOR , GREEN 1 CENT STAMP GEORGE WASHINGTON AND ON AND ON. They seem to be from the former German Colonies, but have no numeric monetary notation.

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The G grade is considered to be a mid-priced model between the E and S grades, retailing at an estimated RM 85,300.

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