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She also agrees to make an appearance at the marriage of a wealthy socialite.At the wedding, Mahi meets Aryan, who apologises, and the pair decide to rekindle their relationship.

He demands that the director re-edit the movie so that story becomes purely about him and an item girl.When Mahi comes to know about an intimate scene Aryan is shooting for a movie, she barges on to the set and creates a problem, which upsets Aryan.The couple reconciles and Mahi attends a day of shooting with Aryan, however, Aryan's wife soon arrives and insults her.On the advice of Pallavi, Mahi uses Angad's connections to get role in a big budget film.The lead actor of the film Abbas Khan, a well known married playboy, attempts to initiate an affair with Mahi.

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During one of their intimate moments, the couple video's themselves.