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Elena 32 ukraine dating sites

Though my doubts have nothing to do with her character.I'm sure many of men were in the same situation when your lady was suddenly deleted.I'm 32 years old, slim, in good shape, and target a realistic age range. Why do I believe that Elena's Models is mostly real profiles?Because out of 120 girls who have viewed my profile, only 3 have messaged. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still suspicious about the 3, in fact, one of them I have already identified as a fake.Of course my first question was why her profile has been deleted? The only problem was her bad English, but she told me about this far in advance and I was ready.She answers support didn't exaplain the reason and just answered that her profile was suspended for no reason. But still I feel that might be difficult to make relationships work without normal communication.I will have to say that not all is bad on this site.

Should any member break those rules we suspend them as quickly as possible.

I corresponded with one very good mature lady for a while. I was upset that maybe she appeared a scammer (though never asked me for any help or gifts). To be honest, at that time I didn't know who to believe, because I haven't seen her on video - just she kept sending me her recent photos.

However, in few days she texted me on my private email, thanks God she saved it. But as I already planed my visit to Ukraine, I arranged a meeting with her. - she was exactly what I imagined, genuine person, looks like her photos, never asked me for money or shopping.

Neither of them has asked for money yet, nor have they asked to take the conversation to email/facebook where they can proceed with their scam more easily.

Time will tell, but at the very least I can say that this website is not full of fake profiles to the extent that other dating websites are.

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