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The Marshall Amp range at Gear4includes a wide range of Marshall amps, speaker cabinets, amp heads, combo amps, practice amps, footswitches and amp packages for the best possible value.Laney's new LA30BL valve head & matching LA212 cabinet are a hand-made lower watt continuation of 2017's 50 year anniversary products – recreating Tony Iommi's first amplifier for his farewell Black Sabbath tour...The solid-state MG Series and all-valve Vintage Reissue Series make accessing that fabled Marshall tone even more affordable than ever before. These days, the classic Marshall stack is one of the defining images behind heavy rock music.Marshall amps are used by artists and bands around the world, from AC/DC to ZZ Top, and now that classic Marshall sound can be yours too.

This trend in added brightness continued as the ‘70s rolled onward – my personal theory behind this refinement is two-fold: 1) There was no such thing as a THD Hot Plate or other type of attenuation device at the time and with added brightening to the circuit came a sense of more gain – certainly desired for the time.

The first of the Master Volume series from 1976, retained the earlier cosmetics, though transition to elephant grain tolex was made before the series introduction.

Further brightening of the circuits occurred in the 1979-1981 JMP master volume models in addition to the non- master volume models.

The overall benefit of all of these early metal panel Marshalls is that they ALL have very simple circuits and with a few changes to components here and there, can essentially be converted to early plexi circuits or later brighter circuits if desired.

In this regard, those that want the tone of a Super Lead or Bass, but don’t want to shell out the collector dollars for a plexi, can be served very well with a ‘70s era JMP variation.

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