Are avan and zoey still dating

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With high celebrity status, they wanted to keep their relationship low-key.

The Hollywood's favorite couple eventually called it quits early in January last year. News exclusively revealed that the pair had 'amicably' broken their relationship that lasted for as long as five years.She unites her school's outcasts to bring down the popular clique, but when a taste of power goes to their heads, her relationship with her bestie, Mindy, and her budding romance with Dave (AKA, Avan Jogia) is jeopardized.Check out the poster for the movie below and bask in the potential Bori!He said; “Maybe I’ve been lucky but I think that it’s mostly a choice.I think if you continuously choose to court the public’s attention to your relationship, you run the risk of asking them to pry more out of it, but it would also be a bit strange to totally ignore your significant other’s existence in public as well.

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But it would be hard for fans as well to digest the news as one of Hollywood’s favorite couple has called it quits.

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