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As you add these to your profile, we use that data to find some of the most compatible fans near you.We add up distance, ages, and tastes in anime (every 24 hours, roughly) to help you meet other awesome Otaku. We match your list, mixed with your basic stats (birthdate, orientation, location), to find other fans like you who are near you.

A government survey in 2002 found that 10 per cent of Japanese men admitted to having owned pornographic images of children.But the ban was resisted by Japan’s biggest publishers, who produce hundreds of risqué manga titles a year.The Tokyo Bar Association has criticised the wording of the legislation, warning that it could be the thin end of the censorship wedge against sexualised images of any kind.Japan’s parliament has passed a law outlawing possession of child abuse images, pulling the country into line with the rest of the developed world.The country’s outlier status was an increasing embarrassment to the conservative government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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Bookstores and convenience stores stock magazines carrying semi-naked pictures of pubescent and pre-pubescent children.