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On the latter point I’ll never know, because I was waitlisted on Raya forever.I deleted the app because it depressed me, but I'm probably I think I only made my peace with the elite dating world’s total rejection of my person when I successfully joined The League. The app’s goal is to pair up its users with other Elites.This Portal is all about Bypassing Internet Censorship.

The following ranking is entirely based on Ibevar’s (Instituto Brasileiro de Executivos de Varejo) study published in 2013 regarding the largest retailers in Brazil.

The first elite dating app to reject me was Beautiful, which reached peak popularity in 2010.

Beautiful has since seamlessly rebranded as a dating site, but back then it was just a site where you rated people (see also: Hot Or

You don’t sign up for Farmers if you don’t want to meet someone who understands the nuances of fertilizer.

And you don’t sign up for Raya if you don’t want to meet people who care about being elite and exclusive. Donald Trump., Tinder is the steerage to Raya’s first class.

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Several patrons of the arts tried to bribe their way up there, even though the platform was sweaty and sagging from overcrowding. After a while, the platform VIPs had drained their drinks, but nobody wanted to give up their space on the platform to travel to the bar.

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