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While the distinction between severe and moderate violence is common in the research literature, it is important to remember that the injuries resulting from physical violence depend on many factors, including the vulnerability of the victim (e.g., disability or a prior history of abuse), the victim’s resilience, and the social support that he or she receives, including personal and wider social supports.While the risk of physical injury may be moderate or extreme, any physical violence carries an accompanying risk of emotional harm.Since no two applications are the same, this can vary greatly.The Criminal Injuries Review Board is an appointed board with the authority to conduct independent reviews of the financial benefits decisions.The decision letter provided to applicants includes information on the review process.Dating violence is a significant and widespread social problem.

This paper considers how dating violence is defined, what its consequences are, and what can be done about it.

In those instances, a guardian or someone acting for the victim may apply in their stead.

Note: Alberta Justice may provide assistance to injury victims of motor vehicle crimes.

Financial Benefits Program staff will obtain any necessary police or medical records and reports to verify applications.

All decisions on applications will be presented in writing.

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It provides direct assistance with a one-time financial benefit based on the severity of the victim's injuries.